Financial education makes ˘ents!

Designed, Developed, and Delivered to help you
Save Money, Get Out of Debt, & Plan for Retirement.

Great financial education is the result of a process that begins long before you attend the actual class. A well thought-out, properly delivered program consists of multiple elements that produce a relevant, easy to understand class that empowers you to take immediate action regarding your finances.

Your decision to attend a Total Money School class can be made with the complete confidence of knowing that each course has been preceded by the necessary steps to make it possible for you to maximize learning and results based on your desire.

Never too late

The process began prior to developing each class by analyzing and identifying the critical areas that need to be taught or improved upon – for people and organizations. Extra time was invested to make sure the subject matter was correct for the audience based on the intent and purpose of the class. If it’s too difficult or complicated; too easy or elementary, you will not learn.

When analysis was complete, class design and development began. These two phases were equally important because they addressed how the class should be organized and presented. They also made the learning objectives clear and provided the structure for measuring progress.

The final ingredient (and most important) is you. By providing honest, open, and complete feedback regarding your financial education experience, our classes are constantly analyzed and refined; this contributes to each class being the best it can be.

Financial education (like all education) requires you to invest time and resource. However, investing in your future by educating yourself on practical financial matters may very well be the best investment you’ll ever make!

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