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Straight Talk . . .
     Below are some thoughts, insights, and straight answers from James E. Shafor III; director of Total Money School . . .

What inspired you to go into this business?
     It became clear after a short period of time in the financial industry that people have not and are not being taught the basics of financial common sense – financial common sense isn’t very common. The need presented itself. Good people work very hard ALL their lives and so few have much to show for it. We don’t believe that’s because people are generally “unlucky” – we believe they didn’t have correct information; they simply didn’t know the rules of the game.

How did you determine the name of your business?
     1.Total” comes from the intrinsic necessity that everyone has to be “complete” or “whole” in any given area of their life (this “total” referring to personal finances of course). In the context of “whole” and “complete” we’re referring to a person having a complete grip on their understanding of finances and specifically how their finances impact their life. “Total” – it’s complete!

     2.Money” – this one seems pretty obvious on the surface but it has a much deeper meaning to us. We’re not talking about dirty green paper with pictures of dead presidents or the check we use to make our car payment. “Money” to us signifies the accumulation of “value”; a representation of the significance of the time we’ve invested in whatever our chosen vocation is. It creates a sense of accomplishment, achievement, security, and humility (realization that you’ve been given some gifts); most of all money gives us the ability to make choices based on our values. “Money” is a measuring stick that quantifies our effort, it doesn’t imply a certain stature; and it certainly doesn’t raise or lower our value as a human being.

     3.School” – now this one is as obvious as it seems. We don’t know what we don’t know and we need an avenue to learn. “School” represents an environment where “learning” can take place. No ego, no pride, don’t have to “be the guy” – just a place where genuine learning can take place. “School” suggests going somewhere to learn what we “don’t know”; and in this case (finances) – we’re learning the things we didn’t learn in school!

What does the future hold for your company?
     We're a little reserved about discussing this little kitty - let's just say we have national ambitions.  However, there is one program I'm very excited to tell you about: Scheduled to release mid to late summer in 2008 is our "Lunch Box" program.  "Lunch Box" is a program that will allow individuals to attend any and all classes as well as have 100% unrestricted access to all services (audio downloads, online videos, interactive financial literacy tools, etc).

     The "Lunch Box" owner will have first choice of all classes and discounts on all products.  Additionally, the "Lunch Box" will also have a "family privilege" component that will allow the entire family to use certain services.  We're very excited about this program - keep an eye out for it!!

Closing thoughts . . .
     There's no dress rehearsal!  Decisions have consequences; good decisions have good consequences and bad decisions have bad consequences - and not deciding is a decision!  Despite any given set of circumstances (good or bad) there's always something we don't know, and there's always something to learn!  I'm amazed by the game of life: some people watch the game, some people play the game, and some have no clue a game is going on . . .

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