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Lunch-n-Learn Program
Studies prove that team members are far more productive when they believe that the company they’re employed by cares about their bottom line.  This program is designed around the premise that financial education is easy learned in “snippets”.  Click here to learn more about bringing a Lunch-n-Learn program to your company.

Financial Questions?
Do you have a specific financial question?  Get it answered by someone qualified to give you the correct answer.  Don’t depend on you brother-in-law or the “guy next store” to give you sound financial advice.  Ask a professional at Total Financial Solutions at

Budget Worksheet
Creating and maintaining a monthly budget takes discipline and determination; however, its an essential component of being in control of your finances.

Debt Worksheet
Use this sheet in conjunction with you Monthly Budget Worksheet to determine how much money is available to attack "bad debt".

Loan / Mortgage Information
There’s more to selecting a loan than just getting a low interest rate.  The terms of the loan, tax implications, and your cash flow are all part of the equation. Don't get sold; get consulted.  Visit SCV Loan Solutions for more information.

Looking for a credit card that best serves you and not the credit card company?  Check out your options at:

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