Money Basics

Money Basics (formerly "Introduction to Money School") is our premier introductory course designed to provide the basic understanding of money and how it works (most importantly, how it can and should be working for you).  Because most people are busy working for money, they never learn how to make money work for them.  That’s right; your money should have a job too! In addition to other pertinent topics, Money Basics covers:

  • Your personality & your money.

  • Where are you?

  • Are you on track?

  • Debt: Good or bad?

  • Four ways to earn income.

  • Strategies for building and retaining wealth.

  • Buying vs. leasing a car.

  • The five pillars of a healthy financial life.

  • Taxes

  • Retirement plans.

  • Different types of investments.

Begin your new financial life by establishing a firm foundation that’s based on financial principles, not a “how to” list!

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