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Karena Lineback
Owner of Pilates Teck
Santa Clarita, CA

By attending a class at Total Money School, I realized the benefit of financial education.  From understand how credit cards work to which insurance programs are best for me, Total Money School has empowered me to make better financial decisions.  Taught in a way that's easy to understand, the class covered topics like how to manage money, get out of debt, and plan for retirement.  I highly recommend that you enroll in a Total Money School class today!

Joan Margolis-West
Margolis-West Graphics
Santa Clarita, CA

My husband and I attended Money Basics and it opened our eyes to how little most of us know about handling finances and building wealth.  It covered credit card usage, the difference between what a debt is and what it isn't, ways to accumulate additional money, basic real estate investing principles, banks vs. credit unions, and invaluable insight to much, much more!

The delivery is casual and complicated issues were made easy to understand for us as "financial lay-people".  It is laced with amusing commentaries and anecdotes based on life experiences.

We will continue to recommend Total Money School with complete confidence that anyone who attends will be better off for attending.

Mary Trahan
North Hollywood, CA

Money Basics was a terrific course and what I learned there has already saved me hundreds of dollars. Not only that, I now have strategies I can use to increase my income and save on many types of expenses in the future.

Though I’ve read magazines, websites and a couple of books on finances to be better able to handle money in my life, much of the information in the course was new. Arif is an excellent teacher who is very knowledgeable, clear, generous and responsive to the needs of his students.

Kudos! I look forward to putting my new knowledge into practice and to taking other courses at Total Money School.

Cynthia Copeland
Santa Barbara, CA

I took a lot of information home with me from the class. I appreciate Mr Halaby's seeing everyone as being different and not being judgmental. The tools he taught I felt were pertinent to everyone, if not this year then the next. I also had many more questions for my CPA.

Everyone was very kind and I felt the class was well organized and well run.

Paula Ramirez
San Fernando, CA

The Money School Course was excellent. It was fun and informative. I gained personal knowledge of what type of personality I am and how the different personalities spend or save...which overall gave me a greater understanding of myself. I left with direction on how to manage my own finances better. I also left with a goal in mind.

Overall, the Team is very positive, supportive and helpful when it comes to any part of financial decisions. I'm greatly satisfied with my whole experience with this Team. They are not only great at their work, but I have confidence that personally they are good people to know!!

Charles Clemons
Santa Clarita, CA

Money Basics was the first time we learned the basic differences between being an employee, self-employed, a business owner an investor and how they vary in ability to increase your assets versus liabilities. This course also identifies the pitfalls & traps that our current educational system does not prepare you for in handling money . . . we were challenged to take a hard look at "the things", that influence how we handle money.

Today as a family we taken steps to increase our income and are paying down debt; most of all we are striving to use the tools from Total Money School to achieve family goals based on our values.

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